Amtico Signature Collection​

Our premium collection of design-led flooring. Choose from an inspirational range of designs and laying patterns to create unique flooring designs for your home.


 Let your imagination be fired by our natural feeling woods, stones and abstracts. Explore Amtico Signature’s original designs, palettes and innovation products.

Signature Laying Patterns

Crafted to accentuate the beauty of the Signature products. Personalise with your own choice of colours and textures, or select from over 100 designs from the Designers’ Choice Collection.

Discover the unique designs and product innovations in Signature’s extensive palettes.


Explore our wide range of unique laying patterns and personalise them with your own product combinations.                                                              

Add stylish definition or a sophisticated focal point to your room with Amtico stripping, borders and motifs.


A collection of extraordinary floors, ready to bring your space to life. Extended palettes including unique laying patterns, colours and textures. And the technical support to follow wherever your imagination leads.

Beautifully innovative designs

Amtico Signature doesn't just deliver outstanding aesthetic quality. With an extra hard-wearing 1mm wear layer they are perfect for use throughout your home and come with the reassurance of a lifetime warranty.

Signature Products

Let your imagination be fired by our natural feeling woods, stones and abstract designs.

Laying Patterns

Explore our wide range of unique laying patterns. Personalise them with your own product combinations or choose from over 100 pre-defined floors, crafted by Amtico’s in-house design teams.

Beautifully patterned floors

Our designs create more than a beautiful aesthetic. Carefully considered and expertly designed, our patterns benefit your space - adding excitement to open-plan living or enhancing small spaces.

Laying Products

From traditional elegance to daring geometry, explore our innovative collection of laying patterns.