3/16 x 5/32-Inch Marshalltown NT745 Trowel Handle

Marshalltown NT745 Trowel Handle, 3/16 x 5/32-Inch - -. Aluminum mounting riveted to a hard tempered steel blade 。 Curved handle of smooth hardwood 。 Used to spread adhesive or mastic on the base surface before laying tile, carpet, or other floor coverings 。 Notch style and notch size help to control depth and amount of adhesive applied 。 Notch depth 3/16-inch 。 Marshall Town has been setting the standard of quality for asphalt, brick, concrete, drywall, EIFS, flooring, plaster, paint, stucco, tile and wallpaper since 1890. is the first to offer some of the most innovative changes to the industry including Dura-Soft handles, diamaond shanks to stop rotation of finishing trowels, indestructible bumpers that ended mushrooming on brinck trowel handles, PermaShape trowels, the Enforcer for texturing and spraying, Skywalker Stilts and many more. 。 。 。

3//16 x 5//32-Inch Marshalltown NT745 Trowel Handle