Size 30/30 Blaklader 150013708899D84 X1500 Trousers Craftman Navy Blue/Black

Blaklader 150013708899D84 X1500 Trousers Craftman, Size 30/30, Navy Blue/Black: Home Improvement. 100% cotton 。 Knee protection pockets with two placement level options 。 Angled front pockets 。 Material: 100% cotton 。 Function and design down to the smallest detail. The Trousers have practical pockets, tool holders and cordura®-reinforced knee pad pockets with two different placements. What are your requirements for your work? durable and functional, but also stylish and comfortable? is intended for those who are looking for function and quality. We take our job very seriously and believe that every detail must be designed and executed with the utmost care to make sure that our workwear really works and can handle the rough environments. 。 。 。

Size 30//30 Blaklader 150013708899D84 X1500 Trousers Craftman Navy Blue//Black