Hopps Beer and Ale Barmat/Mousepad/Desk Valet

: Hopps Beer and Ale Barmat/Mousepad/Desk Valet : Office Products. 9.25'' X 7.75'' And 5.5 mm Thick 。 Full color graphics featuring the Hopps family name 。 Super absorbent, soft, non-marring, and washable 。 Use it as a mousepad, bar mat, coffee mat, desk mat, or a dresser mat for your watch and wallet. 。 Neoprene rubber makes for a non-slip backing so mat stays in place. 。 Use it as a mousepad. Use it as a mini bar mat. Use it as a station for adding sugar and creamer to your coffee. Even use it as a dresser valet or a place to keep your phones as they charge. This versatile colorful neoprene mat is washable, color-fast, and super-absorbent. Made from the same materials and processes we use to create our popular drink coasters. 。 。 。

Hopps Beer and Ale Barmat//Mousepad//Desk Valet