Micron Mini Art Brush one brush Flat Shader #15/0

Micron Mini Art Brush- Flat Shader #15/0 (one brush). Shop DYNASTY at the Arts, Crafts & Sewing store. Free Shipping on eligible items. Save on everyday low prices.. For Your Most Detailed Artwork 。 Manufactured by Dynasty 。 Flat Shader - Size 15/0 。 Micron Mini Art Brushes- Round DetailersThese tiny brushes are made for adding details to your work; or for artists who work small. The synthetic hair is perfect for all water based media including watercolor gouache and acrylics. Each series of brush is shown with a US penny to give you an idea of how tiny the tips really are! They come to an excellent point and hold their shape very well. Including the handle these brushes average 7 inches in length. The handles are very solid lacquered and help give you control. Please note that price listed is for one brush; the photos illustrate each size that is available. Size 15/0 is the smallest shader 6/0 is the medium shader and 2/0 is the largest shader. 。 。 。

Micron Mini Art Brush one brush Flat Shader #15//0